Sunday, July 29, 2012


We went to South Dakota to visit some of Garry's family July 14-July 17, then came home, did laundry, packed again and left the next day for Branson! I actually did OK on vacation. Obviously, So Dakota was a bit better on my health, but I only had one time in Branson that was rough and that was when we had to walk approx a block to get to the dock for an old style paddleboat cruise. We rented a wheelchair in Branson and would have taken it to the cruise, had we known they could accommodate it.
It worked well to use the wheelchair at The Landing, which is an outdoor mall, and we also used it at the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield. It was 100+ degrees there in Branson, but we really had an enjoyable time regardless. The hotel we stayed at in Branson had a game room with a Galaga/Ms Pac Man video game in it and it was neat to see if I could still hold my own in Galaga these few (ha!) years out of high school!

The plan is to still go to St Louis the end of August for a transplant evaluation. When they scheduled this follow up appointment in February, they said if I felt like I was doing OK, then move the appointment back a couple of months, and I have been doing a bit better. I have decided that I'll see how I am mid-August and if I'm still doing half way decent, I will reschedule for a couple of months down the road. They have also told us to call if things aren't going well at all and they can get us in sooner as well. So, that's where that stands. Once again, thanks for thinking of me & for keeping our family in your prayers. God Bless

Friday, July 13, 2012


I don't have a lot new to report, just wanted to issue an update for anyone checking in periodically.

I have actually been feeling a little better lately J Possibly the humidity is lower since we've had such a hot spell with no moisture to speak of?  Possibly the doxycycline worked, and for sure, there's a good chance that the prayers have worked! It could be all 3!  At any rate, I'm thankful that I'm doing better!

Summer has been busy with Dakota home and I've missed a few pulmonary rehab sessions here and there, but I look forward to getting back in my routine when school starts!

We are taking a vacation to South Dakota and then to Branson soon, so I hope I do well at both destinations! I hope all of you are staying healthy & staying in where it's cool!