Friday, October 25, 2013

Yee haw!

Our insurance company has agreed to pay for the lung transplant evaluation testing!!! This is a huge weight off of our shoulders! Thank you sooo much for the prayers for this to happen! We may still have to raise some funds for the additional 2-3 months of living expenses we didn't count on, but that seems much more manageable. I will wait until I know for sure that I'm going to be listed to start that process.

So, that's the big, positive, news! The "other" news is that they want me to get a head-start on treating the mycobacterium abscessus. I most likely will be starting IVs next week. I will have to get a PICC line placed and I've had blood clot history with some of those in the past, so I hope that goes well. The IV drugs I will be using are pretty wicked, from what I've heard. Kidneys will have to be monitored closely and hearing could be affected. I said, "HEARING COULD BE AFFECTED!" lol Had to throw a little humor in there!

Continued prayers are appreciated and I will keep you updated.  Have a blessed day!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Answered prayers :)

I have just a few things to update.

I do have a support person that has stepped up to help us, so we are sooo excited about that answer to prayer! I have also had some offers of financial help, so that is also wonderful :) What I don't have yet is a list from Duke as to what testing they will need, and what the cost involved will be. My insurance case manager has also requested this information from Duke, so maybe there is hope that the insurance will pay for some of it!!?? I hope to get this information soon so we can move forward with my getting listed.

My transplant coordinator did suggest I get started on IV treatment for the mycobacterium abscessus, so that may be in my very near future. I'll sure be asking for prayers when/if that happens.

Thank you for the prayers for stress relief. Stress level is much lower now!

I hope all of you reading this has a wonderful weekend and God Bless.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's a yes!!...But with a few hoops

I got a call from a lung transplant coordinator and they feel they can accept me into their lung transplant program (yeah!!), but there are a few things that have to fall into place first.

My sister was my support person, but since Dad had his stroke the first part of September and is still recovering, she feels that someone needs to be here to monitor dad's progress, so I have to secure a support person to assist me when Garry can't be there. This has to be done before I can relocate to Duke. The financial coordinator at Duke is also still trying to work out insurance issues. Their goal is for me to not have to pay for any medical testing. It's a complicated process, and I don't understand it all, I'm just trusting it will all work out as God has designed it to.

I have also been under a considerable amount of stress lately and would just ask for your prayers for peace and strength, and also for all to work out as God wills it for my getting new lungs.

On a good note, my breathing hasn't been as labored lately as it can be, so Praise God for that! :)

Hugs and thanks,