Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sample #3

I am scheduled to give sputum sample #3 in the morning. It can take up to 8 weeks to grow out. I still have not heard anything about #2, but it has only been 3 weeks since I provided it.

I have been struggling more the last few days; getting winded with pretty much any exertion. I have a nebulized medication (Cayston) that I do for 4 weeks, then take a break for 4 weeks, then back on for 4 weeks, etc. and I'm currently on the 4 weeks "off" cycle and I notice that I breathe better during the "on" months, so maybe that's part of the shortness of breath. Hopefully things will improve in the next few days.

There is not much else to update. Let's hope and pray that samples #2 and #3 will come out with no mycobacterium growth!!

As always, thank you for the thoughts and prayers and please keep them coming!!