Thursday, October 22, 2015

Meeting with Donor Family!

I first wrote to my donor family just before the 1 year anniversary of their loved ones passing. Shortly thereafter, I received a letter back. I learned that my donor’s name is Adrian, and that Adrian was a young 22 year old that passed of meningitis. Losing a child at any age is hard, but losing one so young must be doubly hard to handle. Shortly before his passing, Adrian had told his mom that he would like to be an organ donor, should anything happen to him. Little did they know that they would be faced with this situation just a couple of months later. From what his parents have told me, he was an outstanding young man, a college student, full of life and loved by many.

His parents (Tony and Maria) are lovely people. Garry and I quickly bonded with them and they are very close to our age, so we found some things in common. Maria and I even have the same taste, as we have the same shirt and a purse with just one detail different! Lol We did some touristy things in Denver and had a nice time. On a whim, I put a stethoscope in my suitcase, and I’m so glad that I did. Both Maria and Tony listened to Adrian’s lungs and it meant so much to them. As you can imagine, there were a few tears.

We are so glad that we met them! Garry and I plan to visit them in California when time/finances permit. Please keep this family in your prayers, as grieving can be a long, difficult process.

My lungs are doing well. My next visit to Duke is in April. I have to have a pulmonary function test done locally in December. I have had some issues with anemia, which required a unit of blood the end of August and an iron shot. My creatinine level is a bit high (indicator of kidney function).  I will see a specialist regarding both of these in the near future. Prayers appreciated.

Thank you for checking in and may you have a blessed day!

~Everyone smiles in the same language~ one of Adrian's favorite quotes